Terms and Betting Rules

1. License

Betstarexchange is run by BetstarexchInfotech Limited, a business registered in Belize with the company registration number 167038 and with its registered office at 9 Barrack Road in Belize City, with License number 365/JAZ, sub license GLH-OCCHKTW0707072017 given on 6.07.2017 from the Curacao authorities, the regulatory body in charge.

2. General Information

The “Betstarexchange Rules” are the terms and conditions that make up the entire, final, and only agreement between you (the account holder) and Betstarexchange. They also serve to control the Account Holder’s legal relationship with Betstarexchange. All past agreements, representations, and understandings between the Account Holder and Betstarexchange are superseded and merged by the Betstarexchange Rules. A visitor or Account Holder fully comprehends and agrees to the following by opening a Betstarexchange Account, registering, logging in, using the Services, playing the games, or accepting any Prize.

3. Account Rules 

3.1 Establishing a Betstarexchange Bet Account

3.1.1 No person may take part in a game for money unless that person is an Account Holder. An individual must register individually and submit an application for registration in order to be enrolled as a player. The following details need to be given:

3.1.2. date of birth and valid identification proving the player is older than eighteen (18) years old or the applicable legal age of majority as set forth in the jurisdiction in which you reside (acceptable identification documents include a copy of a valid identity card, passport, or driver’s license);

3.1.3. player’s first and last name, 

3.1.4. player’s complete home address;

3.1.5. player’s current email address; and

3.1.6. a username and password.

3.2 Any person submitting an application to become an account holder warrants and indicates that they are at least eighteen (18) years old. Both player registration and account ownership are prohibited for minors on Betstarexchange. Betstarexchange has the right to ask for additional identification or to carry out further checks to confirm the information given. In the event that insufficient proof of age is shown, a Betstarexchange Account may be suspended.

3.3. The applicant for Account Holder status also warrants and represents the following:

3.3.1. must be a natural person (a legal entity will not be permitted to hold an account);

3.3.2. not to be a citizen of Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, France and other French territories, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Spain, Syria, Turkey, United States of America and other U.S. territories, or Yemen (please be aware that there are specific countries that are not permitted to play Casino – Games – Live Casino, Poker, and Bingo in these locations);

3.3.3. not to participate in any sport, event, or league in which Betstarexchange offers bets as a professional athlete;

3.3.4. not be constrained by a lack of legal ability;

3.3.5. not to be representing another party;

3.3.6. to avoid being labeled a compulsive problem gambler and/or being included (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) on any register or database of players who are not allowed to play;

3.3.7. not to deposit any funds obtained via criminal or other unlawful activity;

3.3.8. not using a Card in a jurisdiction where gambling and wagering are forbidden, or depositing money through a Card that the Account Holder is not authorized to use;

3.3.9. not to engage in illegal activities that directly or indirectly involve a Betstarexchange Account;

3.3.10 Not to hold an active account with another business that is directly or indirectly owned by BetstarexchInfotech Limited and is a member of the same group as Betstarexchange.

3.3.11. not to use the Services if it is prohibited or illegal in his/her place of residence for him/her to establish a gaming account, make a purchase from Betstarexchange, use one of their services, or otherwise take part in the games that are available. It is the Account Holder’s duty to guarantee that the Website and Services of Betstarexchange are being used lawfully.

4. Outcomes and Market Settlement

4.1. Markets will be settled in accordance with the Market Information and/or the Particular Sports Rules.

Markets will be settled on the official result of the relevant governing body regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result where the Market Information or Specific Sports Rules do not specify how and on what basis a market will be settled (except if an amendment is announced within 24 hours of the initial settlement of the relevant market in order to correct an error in reporting the result).

4.2. If a relevant governing body’s official result is not available, the outcome will be decided using data from other sources. In these situations, if any new information enters the public domain within 48 hours of settlement, it must (acting reasonably) decide whether or not to: I reinstate the market or reset it in light of this new information; or (ii) decide whether or not to wait for more information before making this decision. Any information that becomes available to the public more than 48 hours after a market has been resolved is not going to be taken into consideration unless it has said that it is waiting for more information (regardless of whether or not such information may have led to a different result).

4.3. It reserves the right to postpone settlement of any market for an indefinite amount of time until any uncertainty around any result or possible result may be resolved to the reasonable satisfaction. If the settlement ambiguity cannot be satisfactorily resolved, it reserves the right to invalidate any market.

5. Market Resettlements 

5.1. Markets typically close immediately after the event in issue has ended. As a purely customer service advantage, it may settle (or partially settle) some markets before the official outcome is announced, or it may boost a customer’s “available to bet” balance by the minimum potential wins of that customer on a specific market. However, it reserves the right to change the settlement of the market if: I the official result differs from the result on which the market was initially settled (for instance, a horse race result being changed by the relevant governing body soon after a race but before the result is official); or (ii) if the market as a whole is ultimately void (e.g. for an abandoned event).

5.2. If a market is settled incorrectly, it reserves the right to undo that settlement (for example, a human or technical error).

5.3. If a market is resettled, adjustments to a customer’s balance may be made to reflect the new market settlement.

5.4. If a market contains a statement that reads, “All bets stand, run or not” (or something similar) in the Market Information, then all bets on a team or competitor will stand regardless of whether the team or competitor starts the event or takes any part in the event. This is subject to the right to void bets under its terms and conditions or for any exception under the Exchange Rules.

5.5. Customers should consult the applicable Specific Sports Rules when the Market Information does not state that all wagers will stand regardless of participation.

5.6. If a team or competitor forfeits, withdraws, or is disqualified after the start of an event, they are still considered to have lost as long as at least one other team or competitor finishes the competition. All bets are worthless if no team or participant finishes an event after it has begun, with the exception of bets on any markets that have been unambiguously decided.

5.7. It may occasionally offer marketplaces that are reliant on the participation of a certain rival. All wagers on the market will be worthless if the competitor listed in a “Winner with…” market title or in the Market Information chooses not to compete in the competition or event. For instance, if there was a tennis market for “Winner with Federer,” all wagers on the market would be invalid if Federer skipped the competition. However, wagers would stand if any other contestant chose not to compete.

5.8. If a team or athlete participates to the amount required to record an official result or classification, they are considered to have participated (including any disqualification but excluding any “did not start” or equivalent classification).

6. Refusals, Postponements, and Abandonments

6.1. The Specific Sports Rules and/or Market Information both list the distinct rules that apply to some markets. The following, however, shall apply in the absence of any specific sports rules or market information regarding an abandonment, cancellation, or postponement for a market.

6.2. All wagers on markets for any match, fixture, game, individual event, race, or similar event will be worthless if they are not settled within three days of the planned completion date, with the exception of wagers on markets that have been unambiguously determined.

6.3. With regard to any competition, tournament, or event of a similar nature: If the event is not concluded within three days of the scheduled completion date, any markets relating to the event will be settled in accordance with the official ruling of the applicable governing body, provided that such a ruling is rendered within 90 days of the scheduled completion date. Bets on any market related to this event will be worthless if no official decision is made in the following 90 days, with the exception of bets on markets that have already been unconditionally determined. All bets on the market shall be worthless if a market is to be cancelled but has already been partially settled out of courtesy for the consumers.

7. Alternate location

7.1. The Specific Sports Rules and/or Market Information both list the distinct rules that apply to some markets. The following, however, shall apply if the specific sports rules and/or market information do not address a change of venue:

7.2. If the venue for a team sport is altered after the market has been loaded, all bets are worthless only if the new location is the home field of the original away team.

7.3. For all categories or markets other than team sports, all wagers will stand if the venue is altered after the market has been loaded.

7.4. All wagers will stand if the type of scheduled surface changes (for example, a hockey game switching from grass to Astor-turf after the market has been loaded).

8. Timing units

8.1. All wagers will be forfeited if the length of an event is altered after the market has loaded but prior to the start of the event.

8.2. Some markets talk about how long it will be before an event occurs (e.g. time of first goal). An incident shall be considered to have happened at the conclusion of the regular time period if it occurs during stoppage or injury time following any regular time period. For instance, if a goal is scored in stoppage time in the first half of a soccer game, it will be counted as having happened in 45 minutes.

8.3. All wagers are valid for the entire applicable “regular time” duration, which includes stoppage time. This excludes any overtime or penalty shootouts.

9. Match wagers

9.1. The Specific Sports Rules and/or Market Information both list the distinct rules that apply to some markets. For instance, the Specific Sports Rules outline the regulations for match bets on golf markets. The following, however, shall apply if it is not addressed in the Specific Sports Rules or the Market Information.

9.2. For one-off tournaments, the participant or team with the best score, time, or finishing position wins the “Match Bet.” Unless specifically stated differently in the Specific Sports Rules and/or the Market Information, bets are worthless if none of the participants or teams in the match bet complete the event or register a score, time, or finishing position. Any team or competitor who doesn’t finish an event or doesn’t record a score, time, or finishing position after taking part in the match bet event will be declared the loser, provided that at least one other team or competitor does the same.

9.3. The competitor or team with the better score, time, or finishing position in the last or same heat of a competition or event involving many heats or rounds—regardless of whether it participates in the subsequent round or not—determines the outcome of “Match Bets” for advancement. Dead-heat regulations will apply, regardless of the placings in each team’s particular heat, if the pertinent athletes or teams fail to qualify in the same round of the competition but in different heats. Following the conclusion of each round, markets will be partially settled, and any ensuing disqualifications, fines, or modifications to the results or qualifications will have no bearing on the market. The disqualified competitor or team will be deemed to have finished last (or joint last if there are multiple disqualifications) of those still competing in the competition or event and will be deemed to have advanced further in the competition or event than all those eliminated from the competition or event prior to the disqualification. Disqualification will be regarded as having happened when the competitor or team was eliminated from the contest or event by the appropriate regulating body, not when the incident that led to disqualification occurred.

9.4. All applicable match bets will be void if one of the contestants or teams decides not to participate in the tournament.

9.5. All bets will be void, with the exception of those on markets that have been unconditionally determined, if an event or tournament is abandoned or reduced in length to the point where any competitor or team fails to complete the match bet, event, or tournament for any reason other than withdrawal or disqualification.